GrassRoots by ESP

This is a super rare guitar and very hard to find Made In Japan GrassRoots by ESP 1995/96 GMX-48 LAWSUIT Explorer James Hetfield Metallica guitar.

These early GrassRoots guitars were made in ESP and are significantly better and rarer than the latter LTD models that pop up from time to time.

This is a banana headstock GrassRoots Gmx 48 bolt-on construction instead of set-neck Explorer. Guitar is same with Neck (rosewood) shape (headstock) of the ESP Mx-220 Eet Fuk & same with ESP Mx-250 (body shape).
 The shape is very ergonomic (in shape, weight..) seated upright as well, benefit, and not least the guitar does not sting the nose and stays perfectly in place.

Weight is average and it is rather well balanced. The entire guitar is covered with a thick black paint coated, it’s very good especially pleasant to the touch at the neck.