1984 Gibson Flying V

This guitar is in very good condition, almost impeccable. It has a particularly strong character, and the tone is exceptional. The strings actions is very good, no fret buzz. The frets show just a little wear. This guitar has received some improvements, light aluminum stop tailpiece, a very good bridge, new tuners and the cavity of the humbuckers and potentiometers was screened with copper foil. The guitar also arrives in an extremely quality and lightweight case, Rockcase RC 20818 B.

  • body: alder
  • neck: hard maple
  • fingerboard: rosewood
  • frets: medium Gibson
  • tuners: Gotoh
  • pickups: Gibson Dirty Finger
  • bridge: Grover
  • stop tailpiece: aluminum Kluson
  • finish: nitrocellulose
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