1983 Gibson Explorer CMT

An extremely rare guitar, in a very good condition for her age. Beware, do not confuse with E2! 
Everything works perfectly, the frets are in good condition without fret buzz. Two of the box’s locks are not in good condition. It has a strong character with remarkable sustain. Everything is original.

The Gibson Explorer CMT had a bound curly maple top body, 2 dirty finger humbucking pickups with exposed coils, 3 knobs in a straight line, 3 way selector switch, ebony fingerboard, gold plated hardware and were available in sunburst, cherry sunburst and natural finishes. Introduced in 1981 and discontinued in 1884 .

The guitar can be payed also by installments but it wont be shipped until all the payments are completed. All the payments must be made within a month.

Serial: 81613610 Made In U.S.A

Gibson Explorer CMT (1981 to 1984)
There is no custom duty in the EU community