The Pirate

 This guitar is my idea for the classic “V” associated with the idea of danger and adventure, designed and built entirely by me for the famous guitarist Kai Hansenlead guitarist and vocalist of power metal band Gamma Ray and Helloween. The woods utilized are all premium quality, featuring a stunning Macassar Ebony top with matching headstock face and tailpiece, a Gabon Ebony fingerboard, Mahogany body and neck. The paint is acrylic lacquer applied very thin, yet still extremely resistant and glossy, without adversely affecting the natural tone of the guitar. The neck is very fast and friendly, utilizing two carbon bars for stability and strings through the body with a Buffalo horn nut. The action of the strings can be set very low, without fret buzz. Truly a joy to play. The inlays are made by hand from Bubinga wood, shell and brass.