ANTONIO - The Eternal Cadence

This guitar is truly a work of art, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern elements. Every detail has been carefully chosen to reflect the richness and beauty of our ancient myths.
The body is made from a single piece of Honduran mahogany wood, renowned for its warm and rich tone. The wood was carefully selected to ensure optimal resonance and high durability. The guitar neck is also crafted from mahogany, offering a perfect balance between rigidity and comfort, with two carbon rods inserted inside for stability.
The neck profile is a slim “C” shape, facilitating comfortable grip and fluid playing technique. The fretboard is made from hard maple wood, with fluorescent side dots for visibility. The bridge is entirely made of brass by ABM, and the frets are stainless steel with a 14″ radius.
The guitar will be finished with oil and wax. The pyrography artwork was meticulously handcrafted by artist Ivan Djuric (, adding a unique character to this guitar.
This guitar represents a perfect symbiosis of past and future, harmoniously blending tradition with innovation. Each detail tells its own story, paying homage to our rich cultural heritage and serving as a vibrant testament to passion for music and art. It’s more than an instrument—it’s a treasure for collectors and lovers of beauty.
Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I hope you enjoy the photos of this guitar inspired by Romanian legends!