Gibson Explorer '84


Ibanez Jem 7V Steve Vai signature

Iconic guitar for sale, that needs no introduction. The neck is straight, no cracks or folds. Guitar comes in original Ibanez hard case. I am the second owner, the guitar is in excellent condition.

 This quitar can be payed also by instalments but it wont be shipped until all the payments are completed. All the payments must be made within a month.

 Thank you for your interest.

Guitar Info Serial: F0722015
Your guitar was made at the
Fuji-gen Plant, Japan
in 2007
Production Number: 22015

Product Description

Contoured Alder body with 24-fret JEM neck provides easy access to all registers. Alder is best known as the body wood for the "classic single-coil, bolt-on neck guitar," Alder produces clear full bodied vintage tone that works well for lead or rhythm work. Deep routed tremolo cavities allow pitches to be raised or lowered Vai, choice of DiMarzio pickups combined with Ibanez Split-5 wiring provide incredible tonal versatility. Humbuckers: Ceramic magnet humbucker calibrated to the Evolution DP159. Fat, punch, and loud. Designed by Steve Vai. Single coil: JEM custom exclusive. Alnico magnet pickup calibrated for perfect balance with Breed humbuckers. Classic single-coil tone. 6105 frets are a high but thin fret with perfect intonation, good control, and easy playability and "no choking" string bending



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